Lana Del Rey goes from “Born to Die” to having “Lust for Life”

Lana Del Rey goes from “Born to Die” to having “Lust for Life”

Lana Del Rey has come quite a long way from her sophomore album “Born to Die.” Recently, she released her new album entitled “Lust for Life.” Talk about changing one’s tune. “Lust for Life” is the second single to be released off of her fifth album of the same name and features Billboard Top 100 artist The Weeknd.

The singer said this was the first song she wrote off the album, but it was difficult for her to nail down, referring to it as a “Rubik’s Cube” in an interview with DAZED Magazine. However, the song seems effortless and totally Lana. Rick Nowels – who has worked with artists like Fleetwood Mac and Madonna – helped produce the song along with The Weeknd himself.

Most people who just listen to the song will believe that its lyrics are upbeat for a Lana song. The song title itself is quite positive if you think about it. But, the music video – which has nearly 60 million views on YouTube – seems to say otherwise.

It takes on the dream-like quality that most of Del Rey’s videos have, both in setting and actual quality that the film is. She takes the lyrics of “We climb the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign” and “We dance on the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign” quite literally as her and The Weeknd do both of those things in the video.

The ending comes as some sort of a shock as Lana decides to slide down the end of the Hollywood sign and symbolically commit suicide to assumingly be with her deceased boyfriend played by the Weeknd – in true “Lana” style. Overall, “Lust for Life” does not stray from Del Rey’s unique sound whatsoever. One thing is for sure, Lana’s fans are loving this new album.

image: Filipa Oliveira / PR Photos