Lord Huron haunts with song made famous by Netflix

Lord Huron haunts with song made famous by Netflix

Lord Huron’s song “The Night We Met” is a perfect example of the power of Netflix. The song was famously featured on the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” and immediately skyrocketed into popularity. The audio of the song itself has over 20 million views on YouTube. Those who follow the band closely know that this song actually came out two years ago on Lord Huron’s album “Strange Trails.”

The song can be interpreted in many different ways. Some believe the lyrics point to the loss of a first love, whether it is by just a break up or death. Of course, those who have watched “13 Reasons Why” might think the latter.

Fans of the show absolutely fell in love with it as the lyrics and score are haunting and pay tribute to the tragic plot of “13 Reasons Why.” While the band has not spoken much about the song specifically, they did release a lyric video because of the popularity of the song. Not to mention there are of course tons of fan-made music videos which include clips from the show.

However, the lyric video is a standout. The video coincides with the song’s and band’s indie vibe by being shot on what looks like Super 8 film and starring a James Dean type character driving around a night. The lyrics flip flop from being show as closed captions or bold words popping up on the screen. Overall, the music video is just as beautiful, haunting and unsettling as the song itself.

Needless to say, this song is a gem even without its fame from a Netflix show. The song has been received well not only by fans of the show, but indie lovers in general. It is simple and sweet and its lyrics are definitely thought provoking and not at all in your face. Hopefully, Lord Huron will keep on hitting home runs with their spooky melodies.

image: Lord Huron