The Killers ‘The Man’ Brings Killers Sound Into The New Decade

The Killers ‘The Man’ Brings Killers Sound Into The New Decade

Although it is hard to believe, it has been nearly five years since The Killers have released new music. Their last album Battle Born came out in 2012, and lead singer Brandon Flowers was not shy about expressing his disappointment in it even calling it “aimless” in one interview. However the band has hopefully made a comeback with their new album Wonderful Wonderful and especially their new single, “The Man.”

According to Flowers, the song is about a part of him that came through a lot at the beginning of his career; one that stemmed from an “insecurity.” The song is about him coming to terms with the person he once was at the start of his career. Someone who he mentions was very negative and did not represent the person who he really was.

The song’s lyrics are obviously playing on this and seem sarcastic and ironic. Lyrics like “Don’t need no advice, I got a plan” and “Nothing can break me, you can’t break me down” point to the image of a man who is headstrong and thinks he has got it all.

The music video follows different types of “dudes” who all start off seemingly cocky and masculine – a gambling cowboy, a guy who rides a motorcycle, and a guy who woos all of the ladies with his piano playing skills, to name a few. But, by the end of the video we all discover they have flaws and insecurities, like Flowers himself.

Flowers takes the irony one step further by making the single’s cover a picture of his son in an oversized leather jacket – a boy in men’s clothing. Smart. It is clear what Flowers is trying to accomplish with this single. “The Man” is able to take The Killers classic sound and bring it into the new decade. While Flowers has stated this is a personal song, there is definitely a place for it in today’s society.

image: Landmark / PR Photos