Khalid’s ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ proves his future isn’t so broke

Khalid’s ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ proves his future isn’t so broke

Khalid certainly hits the nail on the head with his new song “Young Dumb & Broke.” If the title itself doesn’t draw you in immediately, surely his soothing melody and relatable lyrics will. The breakout artist has come out with hit after hit in his short two-year career, and he is only 19.

This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever been young, dumb, broke, or all three. When writing it, Khalid said he wanted it to come from a place of honesty, and it definitely shines through in the song’s lyrics. The song keeps it simple with just two verses, but still manages to come across as well thought out and relevant.

The music video is almost nostalgic in a sense. Even though Khalid only graduated high school a little over a year ago. It takes place during what seems like a school day and contains flashes of superlatives like “Class Clown,” “Most Likely to Succeed,” “Best Hair,” etc. The video also features familiar faces such as Normani Kordei from Fifth Harmony, artist Black Party, and familiar faces from the 90s and 2000s like Wayne Brady and Kel Mitchel, to name a couple.

One thing is for sure, Khalid knows what he is doing. With each coming song, he hits it out of the park. “Young Dumb & Broke” already has nearly 40 million views on YouTube and was only posted at the beginning of August. Meanwhile his 2016 hit “Location” has over 120 million. There is no doubt the future is bright for Khalid.

image: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos